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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Connect DA-IICT

As people who have gone through what you are going through today, we have learnt our lessons through our own share of success and failures. Now, we the Alumni of DA-IICT would like to extend our help and support to you guys in resolving your queries on career after graduation. With our friends and seniors in various sectors and walks of education ranging from Physics to Film Making, we look forward to help you guys to the best of our abilities. You can send in your queries on anything related to your career, be it Job, MBA, Internship, VLSI, Film Making and anything under the sun.

Shoot a mail to with an appropriate subject and we would find the right person among us to resolve it for you. Given our own commitments and constraints, it may sometimes take longer than what you expect to resolve a few typical queries, but we would make sure your queries are attended to.

We hope you put us to the best of your use...

Terms and Conditions:
1. You can ask us about your internships, but please refrain from sending us your CVs, SoPs etc...
2. Please use a proper subject line with the most appropriate key word in square braces. For eg, if you are asking something about a VLSI, please use [VLSI] in the subject so that it would facilitate us in our division of duties.
3. We are not legally liable to provide anybody with any assistance. We are just a voluntary helpdesk. We only facilitate people in making decisions, in as many cases as we can.
4. We have no legal hierarchy, and we represent no organisation or enterprise. The opinions expressed are entirely our own, and carry no affiliation whatsoever.

- DA-IICT Alumni


TheQuark said...

in true ictian spirit should we not make a google group for this ;)

desh said...

no no no...

reasons to be told to u offline

Vaibhav said...

Even I agree, it should have a group