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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mungaru Male- Rains were never so good…

A girl, a boy, great songs, amazing locations, a pet rabbit tuning up the climax, all this creates an image of a typical-regular-common sorta movie. But if a typical movie creates an image, Mungaru Male for sure is a painting.

Set on the beautiful canvas of Madekeri (some say its something else, I don’t know though, bit of Shimoga too with Jog falls featuring) the painting is completed by monsoon which gives it the foreground. Story is quite simple and quite bourgeois when it must have been written on paper, but Director’s enterprising zeal makes this one a heart-warming experience. Ganesh as the semi-spoilt kinda to loverboy to a pyara individual is amazing. The transient nature of the character is something to take note of. Especially the drunk sequence and his breakdown in Climax are simply I have got no words.

Sanjana….aaaaaaahhhh(she is so cute). A half-wet somewhat chirpy, bubbly kind of Sanjana reminds me of Neetu Singh of 70’s. Everything from her mole which is approximately 2.3 cm from her eyes to her…, Ok will stop, I am going too crazy maybe. But maybe I will start looking for her in Bangalore now. She running near Eva Mall made me feel like going there now on Brigade and look for her. Ok will stop now.

Supporting cast (Both the mothers, Villain and Anant Nag as the girl’s Father) is awesome. Rabbit as Devdas, Hero’s Pal cum a Symbolic Pointer in the movie, is a beautiful animal well used.

Climax of the movie is something which really touched my heart. It was something which happens very rarely while seeing a movie nowadays. Raindrops surely traveled from the Screen onto lots of cheeks.

Songs are something which is a value–add to the whole experience. Anistude is a Hit but my personal favourite was Konidu Konidu.

The crew of the movie should be really praised for creating such an experience. The greenry, the wetness, the smell of coffee, everything so real and still so surreal.

By the way for someone who read all this review some more information. I don’t know more than two-three words of Kannada. Still it was not difficult to understand at all. My friend clarified a few lengthy dialogues but honestly, got the most of it without any effort. My first Kannada movie. This one truly will be one of the memorable one for few months atleast.( I saw 3 movies last weekend, at this rate a persistence of few months are signs of a classic)

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mphaxise said...

arre waah you trying to mix into the kanadiga culture... tell me this friend of urs with whome u have seen this film and even liked,is a girl...

apart from pulling legs, proud of you to appreciate the local culture which not many do.

desh said...

no frnd wasnt a gal but i am ready to go with one
actually i am goin bonkers ovr this gal sanjana i mean, couple of days bakk she was up on S fm and i sent thm some 5-6 replies though

A Little Light said...

hmm this post is more of a tribute to sanjana than madikeri!!

desh said...

whn i goto madekeri at th rite time, thn will put an apt post for tht