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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

As the Work gets boring

Where the Mind has grown Mindless
And the head droops down by Sleep;

Where knowledge is free but useless

Where the World has been
broken up into fragments by stupid corporate chores;

Where the clear stream of reason has polluted
amidst worklessness and guilt of being so;

From that hell of boundedness, my father,
let me and my country escape.
P.S.- I respect Rabindranath Tagore and these are my favourite lines from his collection slightly twisted. But if someone has any qualms, I am quite sorry for it.
But Boredom and boring work forces you to do such things.


Smartalec said...

haha! perfectly altered to suit folks like us! i can properly associate with it ;)! hope no one sues u from plagiarism and defacing tagore's work :P!
keep posting dude!

desh said...

i dunno
let them do it...thts why i put a disclaimer up thr