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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cricket Without India: naahhhhhh

Black Friday changes its meaning with every passing day. Last Friday could be a subject of a another movie though of yet another tragedy.

Movie is a distant thing though, right now the hours of Cricket meant to be unleashed on TV have become irrelevant. I mean being Cricket Lovers doesn't mean that we as Indians can overcome such a big tragedy so soon.

The night match finished everyone was quite heavy with emotions. Some stupidity on Television followed. Mandira Bedi was so emotional as it she was about to breakdown any moment. It's ok to be Indian and feel for the game, but as a presenter I feel you should be professional enough to run through the show. Somehow Charu Sharma carried the show well.


We should do something to the news channels though, at night a nice looking reporter from Aaj Tak caught on with a bunch of Engineers after the defeat who were shouting and swearing at everything. even a drunk person could have made out that the bunch of people were heavily drunk. Similarly on Star News were Atul Wassan appeared as the "expert" was answering questions of viewers on the telephone half of which came from quite Drunk people. I mean we know you ought to show us everything but thoda decency mangta hai.

The next day I shutdown the TV for the whole day because I know even the television set can't witness all the reactions shown by the news channels throughout the day. I know we all angry but the way these channels put these up makes us, our team and everyone involved look as villains.

So no more of Cricket for most of us, some entertainment will come (as it happened in the South Africa-Australia encounter) but still we will miss India.

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Pingu said...

gud thng i dint watch extraaaaa innings...if tht female had broken down so wud have my TV.. i wud hav thrown smthg at it!

desh said...

tht female is quite down nwdays on tv :)

Pingu said...

dumb-ed down u mean :P