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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Simple Things again...

Its awesome, the feel of having simply cooked jeera fused daal & chawal after a week of nonsense eating. Pizzas, subway, manglorean style chicken gravy, dosas, chinese stuff, ice cream and a bit of C2H5OH. But nothing gave me as much satisfaction like today.

Simple things, like cleaning up my closet, washing clothes, reading a book, cooking food, having a nice simple chat with my friend yesterday night are always the stuff which keeps me going, still I wonder why I run away from it.

Simplicity from work to food to other things in life, is the way to go. [Ref: Hrishida movies :)]

For the past year or so my association with things simple were with something else, although in a different form, that simplicity has gone, now I need to be back to what simplicity originally meant to me.

And hope all things simple which I like will fall in place too.


Dilip Ananthanarayanan said...

Same feeling here mate.

desh said...


wtch a few hrishida mvies, helps !!!

Krishnanand Mishra said...

As lives are turning unnecessarily complex, being simple has started to actually mean being very special; as for a person like you who is deeply stuck in nostalgia for quite a few years now, it could be amazing and pacifying to be simple and enjoy the simplicity! :)