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Monday, July 05, 2010

Bachpan ka Hawww, Bani Jawani Ki awww...

Remember when we were kids and,

  • Someone fired an abuse like the dreaded S Word
  • Someone's pant dropped by mistake
  • Someone choked up after going on stage

Or when we were even smaller kids,

  • Someone wetted/soiled their pants
  • Someone forgot the multiplication table of 6

we all used to say Hawww...followed by a handsome serving of shame shame, and even pappi shame.

But as kids become older, and become much more mature, and much more facebook-ish, they found newer avenues and awww... came into being

Awww... for me and a few others is the most irritating expression ever invented, it smells, sounds & looks very artificial. My first tryst with awww... came during the much forgettable days at vyapaar school, where ever pic on facebook was celebrated as an event of great victory & awww-ness.

Then there were always those awww... girls, or awww... sisters as someone called them a few days back, they connected with a bond which ran through their cheeks, all the pics were loaded on facebook, cheek to cheek, neck slightly tilted, and a firey grin to top it up, and then followed up with a zillion aww-full comments. I think this is something which runs across all the b-schools as I have recently noticed.

Awww moments are not only female centric, they can be a male phenomenon as well, where supposedly cute n hot girls click pics with sincere and honest guys (our yearbook describes everyone in the batch like that), and then people post the same aww-some comments.

Some people like it, some dont, I certainly don't, its sometimes like the screeching sound of thermocol, or that of fingernails on blackboard for me, but everyone is free to use whatever they want to, people might the same about my pet MAHAAN, so its ok.

I am just trying to point out a trend, that's it...awww...kay.

p.s.: name is inspired from a famous writing which shows quite a lot on the wall paintings from Gwalior en route to Delhi on Indian Railways :)


Gravity said...

Mahaan Desi. Period

Anonymous said...

awwwwwsome :)

Ankit Varshneya said...

mahaan ... achha kataksha hai

desh said...

@harshal:jug jug jiyo

@quark: aashirwaad do main aise hi bolta raha hun, jo bhi bolu, accha bolu, kabhi kisi ka bura na bolu :)

mauni baba :P

@ankit: dhanyawaad hai