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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Unusual Cricket Happenings

Aaj Kya ho Gaya Yaar...!!!

India Lost...!!!
Ok thts normal, tht happens, tht has been happening, me damn happy with Dada's performance though. New Dada Rocks. Sehwag thoguh somrthing has happened and the finshing was damn stupid today. Leave it.

Australia Lost...!!!
Now thats crap. England Beat Austraila

did u hear tht...


Hey Bhagwaan. Last week I started a discussion who will be the three teams in SemiFinals at World Cup and who will be second. Australia is similar to nothing. Ok its similar to nothing.

It was a big Shock.


Anyway so sad to see McGrath going to to end his career, played his last match at Australia. Lets hope its a good world cup for him.

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