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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Salaam-e-Ishq, Guru, Me and my blog...

When I logged in today and saw last post on Jan 12 I said OMG, what has happened? Sure I kept a hell lotta busy in the month of January’07. It was too much, Convocation and the trip to Ahmedabad, hell lot of work, staying in office till 3AM at night, falling sick (again), no liquor for the whole month of January (an achievement), few new restaurants, one of the Bangalore based School pals leaving the city (sob sob…) and my trip to Pune( that will be another huge story). Everything, no blogging though. I thought its time to put something up now.

In between all this I caught up with two movies. Given the history of my movie reviews which stretch a lot this one has to be short.

Salaam-e-Ishq I didn’t like it that much except Govinda-Firangi Ladki, Salman-Priyanka and Ayesha-Akshaye stories in it. It was stretching a lot but my friends told me I was lucky enough to watch just tyhree hours of it at others saw three hours fourty minutes…J. And something more to add John and Vidya Balan were simply horrible in the movie. I saw it in second week and the movie was chopped off. One thing good were the songs though. Music was GREAT.

Guru in typical Mani Ratnam tradition is not an entertainer and not even a great blockbuster kinda movie. A movie driven on performance and Abhiwariya affair has got a so called “original” story line of a Businessman who becomes the leading businessman of the country after a journey from Gujarat to Mid-East to Bombay. For me who studied in Dhirubhai’s college it was no big deal though to guess the story. An aviator inspired climax and lot of songs were a let down. Also Mithunda and Maddy were not used that much. With this movie its proven that AR Rehmaan maybe the best music director in the country, but one can’t say that about understanding the lyrics involved. Reshmiyaa sings by nose but you can gauge the lyrics, not the same for Rehmaan songs. Abhishek si good but loads of Amitabh in there and Ash was surprisingly very good in the role. Good movie but NOT GREAT.

And that’s it. Quite short by my standards but that’s it for a post after long time.

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