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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Just today I saw a vintage Arsenal performance after so so many days. It was the same one touch football that Wegner had promoted all these years which was back in action. Fabre, Persie, Hleb, Rosicky, Gallas and obviously HENRY producing some great entertainment. Though whenever I see Arsenal matches I fell nostalgic about college and stuff. It was great fun watching between all Arsenal fans there. Also there was Liverpool ManUtd match which Liverpool lost. My favourite player Gerrad just keeps on playing for that stupid club and I know he would never leave it.

Anyway after this in half an hour its Real vs Barca. Hope it goes well and without much trouble. But if there is bashing and trouble I will sure enjoy that.

Though Barcelona may have been the better team over a time in Spanish football the Power shifts between the two sides once in 3-4 years. I don’t know whether it will happen this year but Madrid sure have an upper hand to win today at the Santiago Bernebau arena named after there prolific President in 50’s and 60’s who set the first era of Galacticos including Alberto de Stefano from Argentina and Puskas from Hungary.

There rivalry has been nothing short of Army interventions, World War II, Spanish Civil War (incidentally Cataln Barca’s home ground was base for one army and Bernebau for another during Civil War). I saw a nice enough documentary on their rivalry courtesy History Channel. Wish I could see it again. Though nothing has brought it up to notice of World anything like Football.

I support Real today much more because I don’t quite like Barca. Especially Ronaldinhio and their stupid kit. But I like Rjjkard, quite simply because when I was watching my first ever football tournament. (I became crazy around 99 ManUtd season but Euro 2000 was it) he was coaching the then good Dutch side. So I quite liked the fellow and his team that time. They lost in semis though.

Anyway today it’s going to be fun. Home for Diwali and relaxing and seeing the matches. Why one should work. Work is Crap.

Lets hope Real wins tonight.

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