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Friday, October 20, 2006

Don Mast Hai...!!!

Not the Nayi one but the Purani one...

Just saw it, was coming on some Hindi Movie channel. Was just wondering can Priyanka be as good as Zeenat. I hope she can be. Helen's role quite small but Kareena getting loads of attention as Kamini.

Pran was great as JJ, Arjun Rampal quite a thanda choice for the role. I mean the Voice just too much for him to do over. Though I fully agree with role of Anita. Isha Koppikar is as Thandi as the girl who came in the first Don.

Boman will be cool as DSP though, Iftikar though earned his bread-butter doing that role adding even Jam to it after toasting it. Malik is Om Puri. First it was Om Shiv Puri.

“ab to bhagwaan ne bhi apna naam khich liya”

Hehe...Arre is sab main whereas Shahrukh. No point in talking about Amitabh vs him. He can't do the "Khaike Pan" number even 1% like him. It's impossible. They can't find the bhangwaala’s as they were in the original. Priyanaka cant be as sexy as Zeenat. Songs don’t have that Orchestra stuff classic 70’s format me pointing too.

OMG Why have they made the movie?

Good that I can't see it this week.

Next week after back to Bangalore in my fav 35 Rs waala hall maybe.

Anyone reading this plz tell me the name of the actress who played Anita though, real pathetic actress she.

P.S.-Post edited after Naresh reminding me of something. Thnq Naresh.


Naresh said...

Haan yaar! Don is awesome... I had seen it like abt 30 times :D It was heroism at its best. The new one, am wtchng it tom, but da old am sure i can watch it any day any time... :)

n dude, as far as i remember, helen is kamini, n isha is plyng da role of Don's gf, pardon my memory for i dont recollect her name too :P

desh said...

Sorry for that edit done...
Kamini helen and that thandi gal was Anita.
Don't watch Don be, Jaan-e-Mann wud b better.
Maine to kal dekhi, fir bhi tht charecter so dull ki I forgot its name.
Fir me not a big time DON fan. I feel many bttr ones have been made.
Neway enjoy dilli ki diwali...:)

enginerd said...

Don mein SRK ko jhelna mushkil hi nahin, naamumkin hai.