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Monday, April 10, 2006

Reservation- Another post on Nightmares

Couple of days people jammed up outside this boys room in my hostel wing . His name is Arjun Singh. Seems that I have heard it somewhere else too.
This is terrible. The reservation thing. Last week I have heard so many caste based remarks in our hostel that this really is not going right.
Arjun Singh the man in picture. Not my wingmate in this case. His achievements include being CM of Madhya Pradesh and governor of Punjab and the most noticeable one being that of surrender of Phulan Devi. Phulan Devi was better atleast she fought for a caste based battle and spent her life for a single cause against all odds. These people deserve much worse than what Phulan got, which she shouldn’t have.
People are blaming everything on Congress, some of my tracings of the incident totally not agree. Though the current Congress government floated this idea of 49.5% thing. Oh let me get back to what we are talking about.

  • 104th constitutional amendment with regards to Reservation.
  • Increasing the Reservation cap in Country's premier institutions.

This everyone should know by now. Back to the tracings,

  • Janta Party Governement (77-80) period one first pushes the Mandal Commission in. Stars of the process were Babu Jagjivan Ram and Chaudhry Charan Singh.
  • The commision came out with its suggestions during the Indira Gandhi Regime. But she refused to look into it and put it forward as she thought this would create havoc.
  • VP Singh uses it. He decides to implement the suggestion after it had been in dustbins for years. Some quotable Quotes by Ram Vilas Paswan(source India Today special Edition,Dec 05)

"Aaj se 200-300 saal baad pechda warg humari(vp sing n ram vilas) ki puja karega mandiron main"

This guy is seriously sick last year heard him before the Bihar elections saying,
"Humare paas musalman, dalit, piuchda jaati, nichla jaati, kumhar ,baniya sabka vote hai n blah blah blah"
Is this how a 'n' time minister speaks( even he must have forgot the count by now, but I assure n is damn many times).
By the way he was social development or some ministry then.
And the rest is history. Rajiv Goswami n co followed. 1993 everything implemented.

And come 2006 this summer we have another blockbuster.
I should state here that I am no way in disagreement with the growth of Economically and Socially backward section of society. As we know there is a need to provide opportunities to all sections of societies. But is reservation the only solution.
India is a great country. But its very easy to loose hope here, to have aspirations which you know would be unfulfilled. I have had several instances of note right from my childhood to here in college, which have led me to think and ponder on this issue. Few of them like,

  • One student, son of an executive gets a seat at IIT Bombay because of caste based reservation. Someone from the same caste who works as a servant in my home doesn’t go beyond class 5th.
  • One of my seniors after being riddled by his fellow classmate that he would get through due to caste-based reservation appeared for AMFC as a General candidate and cracks it.

The main points of note are,

  • Reservation policy affects only those who can "AFFORD" to use it.
  • Doesn’t Caste based reservation in turn encourages Casteism itself?

And if this wasn’t enough one state in Southern India comes with reservation for minorities.

  • Does this reflect the Secular State we are so proud of?

We all agree that there should be a framework for development of Backward sections of the society. But aren’t Indians intelligent enough to Design a new system which is much more in tune with the current growing economy rather than going back to same thing again and again.
Or is it happening because backward castes are the only people who vote.

I still remember one instance when a women working at our place told me that she and half her village voted in lieu of a packet of Biryani.Actually its a vicious circle everything interconnected. The new reservation in IITs and IIMs and other premier institutes is just an instance of a function, which defines the whole country.

Admission should be based on merit, though reservation is inevitable why take it to levels which becomes too much. Unbearable. May be a 33% thing would have been better. Actually nothing matters because this thing won’t take us far. In the end people who work hard succeed and even after getting reservations they have to toil hard which their education till date may be they haven’t.

This time the Mamla much thanda in protests I mean. Much less hulla gulla and stuff. Times much different. Early 90's meant government Job was everything in the pre Liberalization period. Loosing seats there meant everything for an average Graduate. Today the BPO savvy junta doesn’t value their job so much may be as they did. May be.

Anyway some things have been moving around, someone going through this please sign it too,

Petition--and dont ask what happens afterwards

Anyway I even thought (actually me and my friend Diwesh) of writing a letter to President a couple of weeks back but didnt do it then. Though he has been mum on the issue he should come with something.

Final Conclusions,hmm...may be this gives opportunity for ISB to get better than IIMs and another few thousand running every year to States and Australia and New Zealand and god knows what.

Finally this would be done and everything is going be done and nothing can stop it. So sorry you read so much but nothing really nothing can stop it. We tried to convince a guy here to burn himself but he didnt agree.

May be some time round some Durga Bhabhi comes and says" Maar do"...but please don’t do that as you would end up in a radio station listening to a AR Rahman song and getting hit by bullets at the same time.

But its high time people get into doing something. Atleast may be starting voting (this suggestion applies to me too). That’s the least we can do.

"Think for the Best, Leave the Rest"

But definitely not to Arjun Singh my wing mate, this junior is a damn careless fellow.

Visit this,

too much


I Am Sam said...

welcome to blogging world desi. quite a long post, and finally i reached upto end..

desh said...

yep takes a lil time to go through, reservation queues se to short hai...

Smartalec said...

bravo bravo! sexxy post! brilliantly presented!
yaar i'm sick of politics! damn, it seems that all we achieve by voting is electing one chor from a group of chors, and this chor and his party just to remain in power come up with such quotas and stuff to target the minorities and thus, increase their voter-base! and maybe u're right! it is probably the minorities and backward castes which make up a major part of the voting junta! no wonder such cheap tactics are employed to tap their votes...
not much protests too this time round! probably u've nailed the reason why it is so!
brain drain is now gonna be a major problem india's gonna face!
btw who was the guy u tried to convince to burn himself? lol!!

keep writing, dude! you know what... u'd make a groovy reporter! not a dull moment while reading ur wonderful post!