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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to Regular stuff...

As tonight's super-heavy, super-aweFome Gujju/Rajasthani dinner struggles to sink in my belly I can't help thinking about the past few days. After a trimester where I indulged in activities beyond my comfort zone, there was hardly any padhai in my life, I lost touch with most of my friends & my beloved acts, and the final day even my cavity dilling erupted out :), but in the end was Happies Endings...

Looking at everyone over the past few days, I found many new things about many people, found so many broken at times, fixed up the other day, and in that dily-dobly state of being happy-sad. I too went through the curve, but as another new chapter in long cherished firm of mine beckons I am super excited about just being there. Also staying childhood langotiya and meeting him after so many years would be awesome too. Gurgaon-Delhi-Noida sounds great as of now :)

Although sometimes I felt not so good too about all this, and a few things were dissapointing at times. But finally as everyone is happy, I feel good too.

My team was awesome, and so were my boss log who kept there calm throughout it, team was simply awesome :)

Plan to be more regular with regular things in life from now on ... :)


Prasoon said...

Cheers :)

manoranjini said...

Talking about awesome food,its Onam here in Kerala-associated with awesoem food too!
Here,after a long time..hope you r doing great !