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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last Week

I have worked for two years, but sometimes a week can be heavier than that and much much longer than that. Some happiness followed by tonnes of feedback, mostly not so good about whatever you thought you were always good on, coming mostly for people who are not that relevant, but sometimes they are too.

Then an odd day when you don't have anything to worry about, you had the whole bunch of people you like so much to worry about. All of them with their sunk faces was hardly encouraging.

And then there were submissions, exams and some scribbling on forms and papers as always.

All of it is hardly joyful, dissonance resonates here, (and as one of my friend here tells me, all this effect is getting cumulative, lost and getting further lost) and I need to get over it. And at the end of it all, being high on a bit of Vodka remains the only bit of bliss I had.

Looking forward for a happier week ahead, but I hardly remember what being happy was, those moments are hard to find nowadays.


Prasoon said...

You need a phone call. So be it.

And zyada mat piya kar bhai...

desh said...

just thodi si...
just to make the post senti

nitikakarnad said...


There's a bad spirit somewhere around my head. And it refuses to leave.

Disso strikes back.
And it ain't going anywhere.