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Saturday, December 20, 2008

10 Hour Sleep...Kidding Ain't You!!!

Tired mind, tired soul, tired body, sitting in a lecture and looking at the red layer forming on my eyes is a habit now, it was the same tomorrow, my friend lal saying me that my eyes have turned lal, a quiz to attend (not the regular B-School Acad Quiz, but a general Quiz for a change), walk crazily back to the hostel, drink a chai and the 82gm Parle-G, go to room, another "Online" B-School event to work on, another unsuccessful attempt, eat dinner which has turned extremely boring nowadays and...


Roomie wake me up at 12, I know I always say that but surely wake me up, have loads to study, me putting an alarm too...gnite


A Foggy room, smell of rain, nice and cool feeling, "The Straight Drive is his favorite shot, they not that, we know that", the sound of Mark Nicholas from Cricket 2007, the mobile says its 11:45, roomie1 and another guy from my wing onto Cricket, they love EA Sports Cricket07 here and it has caught on with lot of people recently, roomie2 studying most probably what looks like FM, I wake up, sit and sit for 5 mins, I do some badbad and say that I am very tired and want to sleep. I spend five mins thinking about what to do next, and then think why not just lie down for five more minutes...




Looks like a nice long shopping street, like "The Mall Road" on every Hill Station, its nice and cool, I am walking, but why alone, I have no clue. Oh, how come he is here, he and his wife, I am meeting them for the first time after his marriage, he still seems the same.

"Sorry yaar I couldn't make it to your wedding, how could I have, I have no time"

"It seems thats the only line you have picked up after going to a b-school"

I don't talk to his wife and both of them just walk away...




An office, I don't know where it is, looks like a decent enough one, nice and clean, a sort of a bluish-saawariya-ish tinge to the whole place, I fail to understand why am I here. Hey I know her, I know her for sure, its the same ...hmm wait, cant really make out her face, its a bit blurred, infact everything is blurred.

A change in office from Salt Lake Kolkata to Mumbai is required, she is not getting it, we meet talk about it and start walking. Keep Walking as the good old Johny said (Diageo's Johny :)). Nice Breeze, great weather, me doing bakbak as I always do, she responding sometimes as she always did!!! Hand in Hand, the touch of her hands, we talk for about 15 mins or so whooffff she goes...



Aaah, the pleasure of a stiffness in the body when you wake up after long time (I just cant imagine what would have happened to Rip Van Winkle), roomie 1 still sleeping, roomie 2 sitting straight with his chadar on his head (in a meditating pose), nice breeze flowing through the window. It seems it rained at night, aaaah, the smell of Fresh Air, for the first time in ages. Pre-Reads and assignments, chuck it yaar, its 7:45, lecture starts at 9, anyway can't do it.

It feels great to sleep for 10 hours sometimes, especially in a b-school where the only thing we lack is that, had a fresh day with no sleeping in lecture today, and even the weather is good with slight helpings of Rain making the day every pleasant.

And see, sometimes sleep is the only time where my imagination runs wild nowadays, it used to different before...

200201094 was surely much enjoyable and relaxing than PGP-08-003 (my GTalk status nowadays)

p.s.- Please no Freudian Interpretation of Dreams or Jungian for that matter, I tried reading the first one unsuccesfully and the second one too slightly, both not successful...


King Vishy said...

Awesome post dude!!! :) Can relate to it totally!

Somehow we get used to this constant running around.. But I hope not for long.. After B-school I want to do something I love doing.. Something that will allow me to be with my family.. to spend time with them.. no 'quality time' crap.. I'd want to be with them for as much time as I wish.. I'd want to be able to write with full passion anyday anytime, and not just during dreams (loved that part of ur post!).. I'd want to be able to sing and dance without worrying abt projects and NPVs and all that shit..

again, great post macha..

paranoic said...

Abey desi, go get some sleep rey ..Tere dard ko tune achche se samjhyaya hai :P

coolashu said...

hahahaha.... nice one yaar .. same here yaar !!!

Supriya Narang said...

*makes a long face* *yawns*
I agree.....