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Monday, May 19, 2008

Bye Bye Bangalore

It's Game Over Bangalore.
14th June' 2006- 16th May'2008

So bye bye to my first job, to all those Hot Idlis, Dosas and Coffees, Mysore Pak :), Super Expensive movies(which I never saw, I saw only at super cheap places), those farewell parties and non-farewell parties, bits and bytes of alcohol, the niceness of Jayanagar, the famous 201 bus, lots of blogging, all that stupid CAT preparation, good weather, lots of cute looking girls whom I only watched at times, all that Dada vs Dravid discussion, Kannada Songs, late nights at office and returning back home in cab on a strange empty road, Vasanthi on Radio City, my bus journey to office, BMTC buses, Majestic, heavily crowded city market, even more heavily crowded Forum, the UnBanglorish BTM, Highly Bangalorish Basvangudi, the farway lands of Yelhenka and Hebbal, Volvo Buses, MTR, Food Street, juice shop near Kamkhya, the cooking we did, EB(Emotional Black-male, our so called pet dog), all those stupid styreet dogs, those stinking chicken shops, a housemaid who talks to only one person, has an animagus Crow and does black magic at night, to all my office mates and great friends I made at work, my reunion with many of my old school friends, and my continued union with all my DAIICT friends. I will miss everything.

Above all I will miss my roomies at Seshgiri and the Three Towers of Kathriguppe( a clan famously known as Kathriguppe ke Kutte)- including seshigiri and two other houses inhabitated by fellow daiictians who became great friends at Bangalore.

It Mumbai... this Summer

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Hari Shenoy said...

Desi Bhai! You shall be missed by everyone, especially EB!

Cuckoo said...

Congrats for future endeavours.

~Amod~ said...

Sounds great, you had a decent time at B'lore. Now enjoy@Mumbai!

Ppl are relieved when they leave Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

same post...
Well, at which college ou are going in Mumbai..
I am also leaving for mumbai in 2nd week of June..
But it very painful to leave the city where you have so any memories..

Anyways, all the best dear..
Take care

Sumit Ramani said...

I had a nice time reading your blog, hope you continue doing same during your stay at Mumbai!!