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Saturday, April 19, 2008

[Kareena Kode]

** Class which represents the Indian Actress Kareena Kapoor
class Kareena extends Kapoor implements OverActing{

public Kareena(){

super(); //calls super constructor Kapoor

public static void main(){
Kareena k = new Kareena();
k.weight = 50;

//once Kareena's bodyweight drops below 0 and she is //completely malnutritioned, till then
//Dance on this
Tashan song
//basically she is going against the genetic order, refer //superclass

while(k.weight > 0 && k.bodyType= "Malnutrition")
System.out.println("nasila nasila tera naina, churai le hamra chaina, tu hamre dil main rehna..., Chaliya");
k.weight--;//moving closer to anorexia

//Base Class for Kapoor Khaandaan featuring there basic //properties
class Kapoor {

private String bodyType = "SuperFat";// We all know there //BodyTypes don't we
private String skinColor = "SuperFair"; // All Kapoor's are //fair, but not all are lovely
private int weight = 100; //it can be more too

// add other methods if necessary

// something which has been common from RajKiran(Ghar Ek //Mandir fame) to Kareena
interface overActing(){
//something, doesnt matter much
Code Output: Just to make the program a bit colourful ;)


I would like to say this has anything in against anyone quoted, Raj Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor are two of my all time favorites, this is just an analogy of real life scenario in code, so no offenses meant.

p.s.- no guarantee that the code compiles

p.p.s- Alternate names for the post "Kapoor se Kwashiorkar tak", "Maal se Malnutrition tak"

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S.M said...

Good one desi...I think you still can not accept "leaving coding for manager giri" bhi code format mien :P

TheQuark said...

tumhe Codhe ho gaya hai
while(audience.isBored == FALSE)

Amateur Scientist said...

"Sexy Sexy Sexy mujhe log bole..." Sigh...That was Karishma

Parul said...

too good...!
Austere Alacrity