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Friday, January 18, 2008

Angrezi aur main...

Class 4th-5th

It all started with that, we were given some sort of scholar badges and all (for consistent performances with a particular score in core subjects), there was this English teacher who I didn't like at all, you know the sorts who went ahead with people who get top marks in junior sections, all those cute looking piglets whom they think are brainiest who get everything right, although I wasn't that bad but she never gave me marks, maybe I wan not a piglet anyway.

Class 6th-10th

Same not so old boring angrezi teacher who gave marks to girls and little healthier sort off pigs and screwed me up again many a times. I also had a fight with her which messed up my relations and so I never got a scholar badge till class 11th as they held me back some way other for English and sometimes Hindi. Maybe I behaved like a dog here, pigs were still in demand. My confidence in languages till 10th had already received a heavy blow though. worst still I became a horrible public speaker in those days due to that.

Class 11th

Probably one of the best teachers I ever studied under was Mrs. Biswas, elegant and caring are the words which come to my mind. She had such an awesome persona and like others, her marks were not based on pre-conceived notion of an individual. All notions of animalism chucked off for the time being.

Class 12th

The year I cherished most in the school because my favorite teacher Mrs. Ratnam taught me for the first time (sounds unusual but true). She is the one I knew throughout my school tenure, the bestest teacher there ever was at DPS Korba. It was delight as she taught English in an year when no one thinks about it. She took my interview way back in 1988 and its quite ironic that she retired the same year I left school, 2002. Best year for English and me :)

College Days, one Cat, workplace, blogging etc etc.

Everything went fine, reading speeds were good, although I was regualr reader earlier I improved, did more discussions, turned from a hand shaking- leg breaking speaker to a nice confident aggressive presenter. Did all of this stupid writing, all dung, read dung, ate dung. See now I became a Pig.

Good days for English were obvious.

CAT & XAT this year

Similar percentiles of 84.16 (84.13 in other) (Overall 97.7 in CAT, 99.42 in XAT) help me secure a missed call from IIM's and XLRI. All the AIMCATs I hardly got below 95%ile, my worst performance coming up in these two examinations.

Although I am disappointed I would like to add that my English is not that great, its just the way people judge your language skills, the kind of exams they look for, I don't know.

In that regards the best language teacher I had was my French teacher at Ahmedabad, she had an amazing persona and I really excelled when it came French learning.

Although disappointed I am not broken, its enough of these exams for me, maybe something better out there for me. No one is an authority to comment on what I am like in anything, English has screwed me for a long time and hope it enjoys f**k*** me again and again. At least the language will get some pleasure out of it.

Living in Bangalore has made me a dog again, pigs are the most intelligent ones, thats why there English is good.(George Orwell says so, although both the species should control there reproduction rates :))

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AbhiTaneja said...

arey kya billi walon ki wajah se tune apni angrezi pe doubt kiya..
ye achhi baat nahin hai!

Everybody knows tht scoring high in VA-RC in CAT/XAT highly depends on ur luck and may be u just had a bad day..

btw what are the plans now?

swapnil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
swapnil said...

boss if anyone doubts ur english prowess...better give em the link to ur blog....keep the spirits high...."billi kya jaane angreji ki pehchaan"..
i was also someone who ws always troubled by the english score for scholar badges...i scraped thru most of em though....

and yeah ratnam mam is the greatest no doubt...:)

Venkatraman said...

Desi, tension mat le yaar. Maybe there is something better in life for you.

All the very best. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

meTaL said...
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Malavika said...

oh well..we humans are still untamed animals ;)
its funny how teachers can leave an impression on you..although i dont remember them in as utmost detail as you(avg student u see)...all I do remember is marking one freaking label less in a biology exam and me loosing marks for it..and it was either biology or me from that day :)

Sandy said...

shabaash desi
badhiya post hai
CAT waale billi hain
jinko angrezi main marks aate hain wo pigs hain(i don't want to use its hindi version)
jinke marks nahin aate , jaise ki tu dog hain

to main kaun hoon?
kaun hoon main?

desh said...

2 bad days
just had my iift interview today, nahi hua to coding to hai hi :)

ratanm mam is the best

yep u scraped thru most of them, but whenever English was ok for me hindi killed me :), so languages still a problem

desh said...


haan sirji, kuch to hoga hi hai

nahi to yeh ungliyan abhi zinda hai ;)


bitch, i removed ur comment, nothing bad about my school teachers

desh said...


great!!! I had an amazing encounter with my chem teacher, tht makes up for anothr story so will tell u sometime

my biology woes started and ended on the same day, i knew i will never study it again, it was the day i found out mitosis/meosis :)

the only thng for whch i almost cried for not studying it :)

desh said...


haan haan tu buzdil hai

tu kayar hai

pyar kiya par bata na saka

tu kayar hai!!!

unrealted but a tribute to the great Neat-esh :)

Chetan said...

deshpande, its only we indians who are after this funny language called english..look at the european countries and if you talk to anyone shopkeeper in english, he will look at you mockingly as if you are illiterate..koi na CAT oriented english just like you have aced c++ and java..and you will be through..ahh..reminds me of BABA..:-)

Vicky said...

Oye Desi Bhad mein Gai English..

Desi Cheetah hai..Aur Sikar mein hi jeeta hai..CAT Mat Chod aur Soota ki position le le..Khee kheeee

Sur said...

nice post desh!you write very well and good percentile or no good percedntile this is not gonna change!

quite unlike you it was English which had help me sail through these exams! but what difference does it make? ab un scores ka koi matlab nahi hai, what matters to me more is my blog.

desh said...


thanks for the confidence booster :)


who u???


no more study on the cat front for me chetan :)

and yes everyone remembers baba