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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First month at...

I am a month old in this MBA thing today, just woke up to the sound of the Jhaaduwaala on a lazy Thursday morning. The only day that I remember nowadays, about the rest I am pretty oblivious. Have lost the sense of days, always feel sleepy, get bored in the classes quite often, sleep in classes, have to attend them all, dont get much time to roam around in Mumbai and I am still to meet few of my dearest friends here due to lack of time.

But still I am loving it, although MBA is much much different from the pre-conceived notions of yours truly, it needed a slight adjustment in my strategy to approach it, hopefully I am tweaking it right.

Don't think I am all that bored and down and out, this is the way we live, infact this is a new way of enjoying things, and last month has been great with lots and lots of interesting stuff happening. Few of the highlights being,
  • The amazing reception I got here, thanks to my friend Dhari, I will never forget that.
  • Getting back along with Pillu Bhai and Patrick Baba for a Alcoholic BakBak session, old days ishtyle.
  • The first classes here, my fear for Mathematics coming back, my liking for Fin increasing, etc etc
  • The only movie I saw here, the one in which Pappu cant dance saala, waste for 200 bucks.
  • Toto's and getting the 10 Rs tip :))
  • Still avoiding a ZERO in any QM quiz here :D
  • Freshers, all that stupid effort we put in for preparing some of the most pathetic ads which make Leo Burnett alive just to kick us.
  • Quite a cheerful group of friends assembled here, one a Bangalore continuation, one reminds me so much of Sandy that I don't feel he can be anything else, one a DAIICT ka bak baadshah and another namesake of my super nachaiya friend from DAIICT and many more including a 2/3rd CA.
  • Room-mates one of whom reminds me of an unpolished Rajeev of the First sem at DAIICT, the other is interestingly named as a English word for Pyaar and initial trends suggest that he is an excellent student.
  • A very very enthu batch especially when it comes to asking questions in class, anyway I just love everyone :)
  • A very cute bunch of girls ;)
  • Birthday celebrations here.
  • Screwing up Foundation exams :((
Those were a few, anyway the thing different between Mumbai and Bangalore is that at Bangalore I had loads of time, empty time, which is less here, one needs to just give up a bit on his/her sleep to be part of lots of great activities, lets see whether I would be able to do that.

Right now a trip to Khandala today is all that I am looking for... :)